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Why Choose Top Contenders Gymnastics?

Foundation of Sports
Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports. This is true whether it be traditional sports or the newer “extreme sports.” Training in gymnastics leads to a more well-rounded athlete, and those with a background in gymnastics naturally excel in other sports. The following sections outline the benefits of gymnastics training. Hover your mouse over each of the photos to view how each sport has a foundation in gymnastics!  Top Contenders Gymnastics creates and environment where epic training is possible.

Top Contenders is adept at developing an optimum level of strength will make all athletes better at their discipline. The sport of gymnastics is responsible for developing some of the strongest and most agile athletes in the world! Men AND women alike!

Pommel Horse Flexibility
Too many athletes overlook the importance of flexibility in relation to their particular sport. Gymnasts cannot afford to do so, as every event hinges on this ability. Those athletes who do recognize the benefits of a flexible body have a true edge over the competition.  We even have open gym night on Wednesday and Friday for athletes to practice on any activity they would like.

Because of gymnastics’ great variety of skills, its techniques can be found in many other sports.

Cheerleader / Uneven BarsForm
Gymnastics places an enormous emphasis on developing perfect form and balance in every aspect of the sport. These elements are also vital to a number of other activities such as cheerleading, dance, and the martial arts.

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